Company History

ProSteel Constructors provides a complete range of steel erection and construction related services to a diverse client base. Family oriented team work, our desire for client satisfaction, our distinct individualized project management approach, coupled with our prioritized corporate safety policy is the basis of our company's success.

Centrally located in Alberta, ProSteel Constructors has gained recognition and experience in conventional steel erecting, pre-engineered building erection, and building construction for both large and small scale projects. ProSteel Constructors works in the in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Sectors. Always coming in on time and on budget allows Generals to focus their efforts elsewhere while we take care of our duties in an incident free project. We have the ability to supply manpower to projects across Canada or execute projects at a hard dollar. We are priced competitive carrying little overhead, very efficient and have some of the best specialists as well as leadership in the industry. ProSteel Constructors has done many structural projects across Canada taking on jobs up to 7,000 tons at one time. 

ProSteel Constructors has implemented its own internal safety program to ensure that everyone makes it home safe. Only utilizing safe work practices and procedures is our number on objective. Through extensive experience we have developed SOP's which do not compromise our safety standards or undermine work equality.

"Our mission is to be 'Safe and On Time Every Time' and we intend on keeping it that way."