'The Highest Quality of Standards at a High Rate of Production'


At ProSteel Constructors we strive to continuously improve through extensive training and development of our team in order to provide a service to our clients that instills confidence while exceeding expectations. We strive to achieve a family based environment within our company that nurtures positive attitudes and  all around healthy lifestyle. We are 'Safe and On Time Every time' as we hold ourselves as one source of accountability, delivering projects with the highest quality of standards at a high rate of production regardless of the size."



Team cohesion allows us to work together like a family, continually improving while innovating our work practices.

Highest Quality Standards

Through continuous communication and proper execution we strive to exceed expectations, holding our work to the highest degree of personal integrity.

Health and Safety

Maintaining extensive training mandates and standards to be an industry leader in safe work practices and procedures.

Return on Investment

We recognize how vital cost is to the success of all projects so without sacrificing quality or safety we minimize costs for our clients.


Establishing the safest, most efficient workforce and meeting high QC standards with zero deficiencies.

Maintaining a strong presence in all of Western Canada throughout many industries.

Developing strong action plans in a dynamic environment customized to exceed customers' expectations.

Continually innovating the way we do business in order to adapt and grow with the marketplace.